Prison is a State of Mind…

It”s been a decade since my first visit inside a prison. It was Terminal Island Federal Prison in San Pedro, California, in 2002 where I first passed through the metal detector and was viscerally assaulted by the sound of the heavy metal doors slamming shut behind me.  Since that time, I have experienced a great many things behind bars, all leading to  the reason for this blog.  Somewhere along the way, amongst those who have no freedom, I learned how to find mine. I hope you enjoy the journey on which I now embark; sharing my experience of internal freedom with you….


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  1. Christina said:

    Hi Coach Taylor,

    I found that you don’t have be locked up behind bars to be in a prison. A prison without walls is the worst. I was married to an inmate that you have coached a while back. He didn’t complete all you asked of him so he didn’t really move forward like he could have.

    After almost 25 years with him inside he decided it was time to “release me” because I was wanting to delve into our lives (past/present/future) and examine what we are really about. I wanted to try and see what goals we could still reach. I just found a bunch of shocking lies and deceit. He felt we shouldn’t try to work the past out just forget about it. He felt that he shouldn’t have to be truthful or explain anything because he came from a bad childhood. He couldn’t take responsibility for the reasons why his 17L sentence had gone over by another 7+ years.

    For some it’s hard to face themselves or the truth. For me, it was liberating. I no longer have to be the background in anyone else’s foreground. Life can be about me and what God has for me (smile). Freedom is a wonderful thing. Now, I have to learn how to live in it. The children I had to raise on my own are now grown and it’s just me. I don’t even know if I know how to have a relationship myself – but I’m not looking. I’m at the end of dealing with illness (tumor in my head) and I’m dusting off old dreams and goals from yester-year. I don’t like that my steps are uneasy at times but there MY STEPS (smile). I will enjoy my journey because it’s a whole lot better than standing still. LOL

    Christina Perry (no longer Dorsey)

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